Hello from the Editor

by Michele Dale

Hello to my mother and the other three people reading this! My name is Michele and I am the one of the founders and Editor-in-Chief of Bossier Magazine. Thank you for visiting our blog! When I was in high school a friend of my friend started a literary magazine for teenage girls called Third Wave magazine. I helped with editing the content and was inspired by how many people submitted. Girls wanted to express themselves and used Third Wave as the way to do so. I was excited to get involved with literary clubs on campus when I came to Georgetown but couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for. None of the publications are modern, none of them only accept submissions, and none of them give the author or artist complete creative license.

And so came Bossier! I knew I wanted to start the magazine in the spring of my freshman year and after working all summer with my amazing co-founder Tiffany Tao, here we are. It’s our first semester and we’re just working out the kinks. We have big ideas but are trying to start small. For now, Bossier should be a space for women of all communities to express themselves, whether that be through artwork or an opinion piece. Women are 55 percent of Georgetown’s campus and Bossier is here to voice the opinions of that 55 percent. However, men are more than welcome to submit to Bossier! I would love to have men join the conversation and think the only way to true equality is to have men on board. We can’t do it alone ladies.

So, here I am. Bossier is my baby. I am its proud mom. We are excited to hear what Georgetown has to say and excited to include our own work in the magazine. I think Bossier is desperately needed on campus and will provide an outlet many didn’t realize they wanted. As much as I feel connected to Bossier, I want the Georgetown community to use Bossier as it best suites them. If they want to publish a personal piece to help them come to terms with a huge life event, Bossier is here. If they want to publish a collection of poems they wrote in secret, Bossier is here. We are ready to start the conversation and hope you are too. 

Bossier MagMichele Dale