What's Bossier?

Bossier is a student-run magazine at Georgetown University focused on women's empowerment. We publish everything from poems to sketches to editorials, as long as it is related to our mission. Read more about that here.

Who can get involved?

Anyone! We encourage men, women, those who identify as neither, both, or somewhere in between to submit. Bossier is primarily a space for women and women-aligned writers and artists at Georgetown. We want to build a community of strong female creators on campus, but we recognize that insights from men can make us stronger.

It's also really important to us to welcome all submissions! Not everything makes it into our print issue, but everyone is always included in the extended online issue. Our editorial and design teams take your input into account as we put together the pages, because Bossier is a team effort through and through.

So how does it work?

We publish an issue every semester and we want you to take part! We'll send out a social media blast, aggressively flyer in Lau, loudly table in Red Square whenever we're looking for submissions. After the submission period ends, our editorial and design teams get to work putting together both print and extended online issues. Towards the end of semester, we'll throw a few lil distribution events — catch us there to get your hands on a print copy.  

What can I submit?

Anything! Have a cool photo you've always wanted to share? Sure. Read an inspiring book about women that you want to review? Yes! We want to empower women through publishing your work, so please send us anything you have. If you want to submit something but aren't sure what, here are some ideas

How do I get more involved?

We want to hang with you! Bossier will be having meetings and events throughout the year that you'll hear about on this website, through our email blasts and on our social media channels.

We're also always looking for new contributors, so if you have an idea for a recurring column or contribution shoot us an email at

We'll let you know when we're searching for new team members — there are 33 of us that work on a variety of teams: editorial, design, web, outreach, video. Sign up for our Listserv so that you're in the loop!

I'm confused, halp!

Don't stress! Email us with any questions at