Our Team

We're the people behind the issues, the blog and the events. Hey, there's nothing wrong with being on the B Team.


Editor in Chief:

Elizabeth Cregan
English Major
Has anyone seen my wallet?

Creative Director:

Dan Rojas
Undeclared Major
South Florida boy with an urban edge who has an affinity for long t-shirts with rolled sleeves and enjoys a little pastel pop in his life from time to time


Layout Director:

Olivia Jimenez
English and Psychology Major
Always looking for a croqueta to eat and a puppy to love

Managing Editor:

Lana Nauphal
English Major
Loves Bob Dylan an unhealthy amount

Art Director:

Aires Miranda-Antonio


Ceci White-Baer
English Major, Environmental Studies and History Minor
Likes: Canadian tuxedos, Timothée Chalamet
Dislikes: staying up past 9 pm, dysfunctional umbrellas

Ciara Hockey
English and Philosophy Major
It's pronounced "kee-ruh"

Taylor Riddick

Eliza Phillips

Web Editors:

Christina Coughlin
Psychology Major
Slow down sugar, I’m diabetic

McLean Corry


Bethania Michael

Narisa Buranasiri
English and Psychology Major
Still in shock over 75 cent cup noodles


Alex Dekkers

Nyana Morgan

Social Media:

Caitlin Peng
Government Major, Education, Inquiry, and Justice Minor
Sleeps on sofas more than beds

Chelsea Luo
IPEC Major
I tell myself imma spicy food expert

General Members

Jessica Li
STIA Major
Is in a perpetual state of JOMO

Michele Dale (co-founder)
STIA Major
I grew up in The City

Tiffany Tao (co-founder)
Culture & Politics Major
Into millennial pink

Jubilee Johnson
English Major
Single black female addicted to retail



Head of Outreach:

Sophie Septoff

Head of People:

Mayeesha Galiba
Government Major
A smol hurricane

Business Manager:

Alexia Fieger


Mai Pham
Econ and Art History Major
Hugger, dancer, and hot sauce enthusiast

Julia Medellin
Government Major
A dumpling enthusiast

Joosje Lupa

Sidney Wertimer

Resident Creators:

Francis Kpue

Anita Kelava

Mackenzie Foy

Resident Illustrators:

Layla Gorgoni

Kimberly Jin
Biology Major
Never quite reaches the finish line


Claudia Chen
Finance and Accounting Major
Really bad texter, really big dreamer

Maya Fleming
English Major
An eternal Internet girl


Elaine Liu
Marketing Major
Keep the avocados rollin

Bossier Abroad:

Isabelle Groenewegen
Comparative Literature Major (for now…)
Trying to do what makes me happy

Olivia Jenkins
English Major
Probably wearing denim and spending too much time on Spotify

Sydne Scales
Sociology Major
Keep your heels, head, and standards high

Charlotte Boehning
Undeclared Major
Made in America with German parts

Sienna Brancato
English and Government Major, Italian Minor
Currently eating mint chocolate chip ice cream 

Sinclair Blue

Brittney Sweetser
Global Health Major and Pre-Med
Sunny with a (high) chance of napping

Jocelyn Ortiz
Arabic Major
Bi-coastal introvert with too many opinions and not enough time