Bossier Magazine

Issue Six is here.

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Hey there,

Welcome to Bossier (BOSS-ee-ay)! We are Georgetown's 'zine (magazine) ‘zine dedicated to creating a womxn oriented publication that provides space for them and their allies on campus and across the globe. We consider ourselves "lady bosses." We want to reclaim the idea that it's bad to be a bossy gal and encourage everyone reading to be a little bossier about the things they are passionate about.

Learn more about our mission here.

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Why Bossier?

There are a million publications around campus, we know! Bossier is unique in that it is a submission-based print 'zine. You can submit your work to the magazine and see it beautifully displayed in Bossier at the end of the semester. If you want to share anything related to our mission, you can, no applications necessary. Along with that, there is no publication on campus that publishes our range of content: poems, playlists, essays, collages. Bossier runs in a way that Georgetown hasn't seen before, and we can't wait to bring it to you.


Let's get digital.  

Bossier babes take social media! Hit us with a follow at @bossiermag for your daily dose of creative inspiration, mixed with poetry, feminism, and the exact right amount of sass.