Our mission

Bossier is a magazine at Georgetown that is devoted to promoting discourse about women's issues, publishing work by women and creating a community on campus. Founded by Michele Dale and Tiffany Tao in 2016.

We are here to...

  1. Fill a niche at Georgetown. There are plenty of wonderful organizations on campus that help women in the professional sphere, which is necessary and important. What’s missing is a publication focused on the empowerment of women through the sharing of their personal experiences and creative work. We think it is vital for women on campus to have a female-driven space to share their writing and art. 

  2. Bring a submission-based publication to campus. Currently, few publications on campus publish curated content in a print format twice a year. The beauty of a submission-based magazine is that it will intentionally include voices from different communities across Georgetown, which is important to Bossier.

  3. Create discussion. Bossier is dedicated to sharing opinions of people of all races, genders, sexualities, and political backgrounds, even if they may be in conflict with each other.

  4. Build a community. Bossier is about women helping women, intersectionality and inclusion. We want to create a supportive space to talk about important things, make college a little less scary, and have a good time doing it.