BEB #10: Woman

by Lana Nauphal

inspired by Matisse’s “Odalisque Seated with Raised Arms,” oil on canvas, 1923

Seductive and self-assured,
defiant in her pose and supple in her curves,
eyes ablaze with intent and hips with purpose:

Her primped, flushed skin,
contrasting flesh with the stripes of your seat;
hair dark and thick, lips full and warm:

Her face is tender, yet taut;
and her soul, it could sing
with memories.

If only you would listen.

Arms raised, fingers eager,
she reclines, waiting.

Give it your best shot.

She is bare; she is brilliant.
She could be loving; she might be unwilling.
She is curious, she is unhurried.

You must impress her. 
You must earn her.

And may you impress her. 
may you earn her.

For she can turn your whole world around.





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