No Role Modelz

by LC Bloom

I went to the J. Cole concert with my hat on
Hair tied back, no makeup on, rocking black joggers like that song
You know?
The one that Drake sings
Except it didn’t matter whether or not I was a fine thing,
No hours spent on getting ready to mess up my timing,
Newfound confidence in my style, I was vibing,
“Yo dude, I think that’s a girl,”
Said the guy behind me.

I went to the J. Cole concert by myself
Floor seat ticket paid for with no one’s help
Not saying that I’m dripping in that wealth
Waiting in line, girls in tight jeans and crop tops, I’m feeling my baseball hat stealth...
Usher looked at me and said
“This is your ticket?”
No shit it is. What the hell.

I went to the J. Cole concert and no one looked,
At my ass or my chest, I was lowkey shook,
I walked
At night.
Without fear of being mistook
For a chick that guys can hit on and get off the hook,
No gave me that creepy-ass up-down-up look,
But then it bothered me that
Dressing kinda like a dude
Was all that it took.

Art by Alexandra Dekkers

Bossier Mag