Fall Bossy Mix

by Lana Nauphal

To my wonderful Bossier babes, 

As I’m sure you’ve all noticed, the cold days are (finally) upon us: the weather is cooling down, the nights are growing longer, and we’re piling on the layers. In an attempt to follow in the very large footsteps left behind by our wondrous editor Olivia Jenkins as she has the time of her life abroad in London, I've decided to put together and share with you a few tunes that I have been turning to on a regular basis recently—and some that I’ve been turning to my whole life—as they always warm me up in just the right ways. There is nothing like a little soul music (loosely defined here) to calm the mind, soothe the ears and hug the heart. And to all my ladies and femmes going through a little rough patch right now, and I know we are in the multitudes, these songs are particularly for you; they are like medicine, you have my word. So from Aretha Franklin to Paul Simon, here’s a little collection of songs that surround my everyday—and I hope they shed a little light and warmth on yours. 


xx Lana