Get laid (in the summer)

by Jubilee Johnson

Get laid,
    Smooth on the edges, all the way to your nape
    Put my scarf on the circumference like a cape
    Curly weave or perm, roller set, not do’
    Not Erykah Badu, not talking about you
    Keep your nails done, and your weave tight
    Hair did, looking right,
    Baby hairs get laid,
    Unless summer heat reverts what you paid
        For, until the naps underneath relaxed
        Processed start unearthing in the kitchen
        Not curly, but peas, behind your ears, please
        Dominican woman got Dax and a brush
        Little hairs is sensitive, fine but not enough
    Block party, dancing, pumping hard and tough
    Baby hairs get unlaid, undoing what you done paid
        For, roots shifting to kinks
        That links you to the knotty-knots
        Days ago, wash n’ go, between your mother’s thighs
        Tugging hard she made you cry
        Worship that good hair, worship that skin fair
        Edges mad slick, slip on that d**k
    Baby hairs devirgined in the summer, getting laid with gel
        It’s hotter than hell,
        Out here,
        Box braids, kinky twists, all colors, and waves
        Low cut fades
        Last you for days
        My hair
    Get laid,
        In the summer

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