Psycho Girls Club

by Caroline Porterfield

We’re taking applications for the Psycho Girls Club. Many of you are here on your own volition — admitting that, despite women being characterized as “emotional”, we all can be a bit much. However, most of you were nominated through a “Yeah, my ex…she was so craaaazzzzyyyy”.

We don’t discriminate. This club is super inclusive—no interview necessary! Just submit your cover letter as to why you think you would fit in among the psycho bitches.

We take all those who have been shamed for speaking their mind.

The sluts who spread their legs.

The black women characterized by an angry stereotype.

The hookups that asked to define the relationship.

The coworkers who said Me Too before Time Was Up.

Or, like me, the “psycho ex” with mental health issues.

So if you have been reduced to “crazy” by someone invalidating your emotions, share your story with us! We want to hear from you––let's find empowerment through each other!


Phone: 1-800-CRZY

LinkedIn: Crazy Bitches Network


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